A Paradigm Shift in Skeletal Reconstruction

Technology Platform

TRS is commercializing a breakthrough skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology platform that was developed from ground breaking research conducted at the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin. This platform has two novel and proprietary components.

Our scaffold technology enables TRS to utilize proprietary and scalable 3D printing methods to fabricate advanced skeletal reconstruction implants that have unique attributes.

  • They are bioresorbable over time, fully replacing themselves with natural bone and leaving no residual implanted device.
  • Although their micro-architecture is porous to facilitate bone integration, this porosity is fully engineered so that the implant can bear significant load and support function, allowing for use in a broad range of complex procedures as an alternative to harvested bone.
  • Using input from patient CT scans, their geometry can be custom constructed and, if necessary, adapted in the operating room to exactly replicate and replace missing bone anatomy.

Our Affinity™ coating technology allows TRS to integrate our implants with an osteoconductive, mineral coating that enhances bone regeneration and proliferation into and throughout the porous implant. Affinity™ has a plate-like nanostructure that resembles living bone and serves as an excellent substrate for adhesion of autologous cells and growth factors, such as BMP, which can be added intra-operatively and released in a controlled manner to accelerate new bone formation. TRS has demonstrated the ability to apply our proprietary coating to other implant materials as well, including Titanium, PEEK, and sutures.

trs skeletal reconstruction scaffold

TRS Scaffold Technology

trs skeletal reconstruction scaffold

Affinity™ Coating